State Opens Call Center for Vaccine Appointments – Feb 8, 2021

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State Opens Call Center for Vaccine Appointments

Call center opens to help seniors book vaccine appointments: Governor Baker said Friday that the state has opened a call center to help seniors age 75 and over book COVID-19 vaccine appointments, following a bumpy rollout of the state website for booking vaccination shots.

The Mass State Call Center can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. by dialing 211, and will be staffed by more than 500 representatives, speaking both English and Spanish. Translators also will be available in about 100 additional languages, he said.

About 1.1 million Massachusetts residents are now eligible for shots. They include about 450,000 newly eligible residents 75 and over, along with health workers, congregate care residents, and first responders. The Baker administration hopes to be vaccinating 1 million residents a month by spring.  Vaccine supply still waxes and wanes and appointment availability will vary.  However, the state assures that all who want a vaccination will be able to receive one.

75+ residents who are able to use the internet can still go to to search for an open vaccination appointment.  This website has been revamped to be easier to use.


COVID Vaccination Update



Key Take-a-ways

  • There will be enough vaccine for everyone who would like to get a vaccination.
  • Vaccine delivery is not consistent and may interrupt registration for vaccinations.
  • The Sudbury Board of Health is trying to secure a delivery of vaccine for the near future, but has not been guaranteed any vaccine, and has been notified that it will be a small number of doses, such as 300 total.
  • The availability to get vaccine in local spots is increasing and should make it easier to get a local vaccination soon. In fact, CVS Sudbury has announced that they expect to receive some soon, with appointments possibly available this week (Wayland CVS is also offering appointments).  Other large medical practices have also announced that they will be receiving vaccine doses soon, such as Emerson Medical, CareWell Urgent Care.
  • A call center is now available for adults who cannot use the online method of registration. See Notes below.
  • You may need to try several times at different times of day, and on different days, before finding an available vaccination appointment.
  • Information and access are constantly changing.