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Resource Lists

Caregiving Metrowest

Bay Path


Council on Aging

Final Report on Property Transitions. The Council on Aging, in its continuing efforts to make Sudbury an attractive place for Senior Citizens, conducts occasional surveys. This is the report issued in April 2008 from the results of the survey completed in 2007.

Council on Aging (COA) Application Cover. For those interested in membership in the COA.

Council on Aging (COA) Application for Appointment. One page form to complete

Results of Sudbury COA Planning Session 5_19_12 (final)

COA Strategic Plan FY2014 Executive Summary

COA StrategicPlan FY 2014

Programs and Services Brochures

A Listing of Transportation Options in Sudbury

The Sudbury Senior Center offers both van and volunteer provided transportation to residents 60 and older, as well as residents with a disability. However, there are other options for travel within Sudbury and out of town. The Sudbury Council on Aging created a listing of other transportation options. The Senior Center does not endorse or recommend these options but merely provides this list as an easy way for residents to learn more. Please take a look at these Transportation Options.


The following is a list of some of the Transportation options in the Sudbury area. This list does not constitute a recommendation, only information for an individual to consider for their needs. Should you need additional information, please contact Outreach Information Specialist Ana Cristina Oliveira, at the Senior Center at 978-443-3055 or or contact the individual resources listed below.

  • Sudbury Council on Aging Senior Center van transportation: General availability; Monday-Friday between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM. Contact Senior Center at 978-443-3055 or see website for additional information. As of May 17, the Senior Center will be offering expanded service in the evenings and to other locations for a 6 month trial period. Please see notice under Transportation on the Senior Center website, or call 978-443-3055.
  • MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Dial a Ride: Scheduled extensions to CoA van transportation (contact Senior Center or see website). Also contact MWRTA directly for more information (508-820-4650;
  • AAA Limousine (Sudbury): Market rate limo transportation as well as market rate taxi transportation. Hours are 9-5 and cost per trip is $20 ($30 to surrounding towns – 3 hour minimum). Contact directly for more information at 978-443-8925.
  • Tommie’s Taxi (Framingham): Market rate taxi service as well as market rate, wheelchair accessible vans (drivers are specially trained). Contact directly at 508-872-3500 for more information.
  • American Cancer Society: Provides volunteers who drive people needing transportation for cancer treatments. Person must be ambulatory and provide 48-hour notice prior to ride. This program services much of Massachusetts, but it is not guaranteed. Contact directly for more information at 1-800-952-7664;


  • FISH (Sudbury): Volunteers drive individuals to medical appointments when family or friends are not available. Contact the Senior Center at 978-443-3055 or call to make a reservation and leave a voicemail at 978-443-2145.
  • Disabled American Veterans: This program provides free transportation to any VA clinic or facility for any veteran in Boston and local suburbs. There are eligibility guidelines related to level of disability and income. Contact directly for more information at 617-232-9500.
  • MassHealth (Medicaid) Medical Riders: This service is for MassHealth participant’s medical rides only. The person must be on SSI and not capable of taking the MBTA. To receive this service the doctor must fill a PT-1 form and send it to the local MassHealth (Medicaid) office. This entitles the person to 10 round trips. Each individual doctor the person needs to see must fill their own PT-1 form. Contact directly for more information at 1-800-854-9928).
  • Suburban Med Ride: This service provides non-emergency, both chair and ambulatory, rides for medical appointments, adult day health, dialysis, and hospital discharges. The service area includes Greater Boston, South Shore, North Shore, and Metrowest and three business days are requested for scheduling. Contact directly for more information at 866-633-7433.  These drivers receive specialized training to provide the

[i] “Eligibility” can include the following, as relevant to the options listed: age (60 years+); disability (no age criteria; mental/physical disability); Veteran’s status; cancer diagnosis; other medical criteria.

LINCIs a new Intergenerational  after school club that is looking for volunteers, 55 and older, to meet 1.5  hour per week for 6 weeks with a small group of students from the elementary schools in Sudbury. For more information call Judy Battat, Intergenerational Coordinator  at 978-443-3055

FISH brochure. Fish is here for you whenever you need to get to a medical appointment and family and friends are not available. To learn more about this program, including contact information, download the brochure.

Fix it brochure. This brochure describes the “In-home repairs” service available for seniors.

Friendly Visitor brochure. Friendly Visitor brochure. Friendly visitors are volunteers who reach out to their neighbors to offer friendship, company, conversation and a listening ear. Download the brochure to learn more about this program.

Home Delivered Meals brochure. Learn more about the meal delivery program.

Medical Equipment Loan Closet brochure. A program of the Sudbury Senior Center.

Senior Center brochure. This brochure provides an overview of the programs and services offered by the center.

Helpful Handouts

Disaster Supplies Kit. A disaster supply kit is a collection of basic items a person would probably need to stay safe and be more comfortable during and after a disaster. View this list to help you be prepared.

Lower Your Risk of a Fall. PDF handout that provides guidance and resources.

Application & Instructions for Exemption

Application for Property Tax Exemption (form). FY 2016 Means Tested Senior Exemption, Town of Sudbury.

Instruction for Filing the Application for Exemption FY 2016 Means Tested Senior Exemption, Town of Sudbury.

Sudbury Means Tested Senior Exemption ReportMarch 19, 2015

The Residential Exemption Report. November 1, 2011