We Offer the Following Services

In addition to our many educational and recreational programs, we offer a variety of services to provide assistance to older adults in their homes and at the Senior Center.

Services Provided by Staff

  • Consultation (includes home care & housing) – Information about resources and services for older adults and their families in Sudbury. Free consultation by appointment.
  • Medical Loan Closet   We are now accepting pre-approved Medical Equipment returns for the  Medical Equipment Loan Closet program on Tuesdays only, between 9:00 – 11:45 AM.    Because of space constraints in the Loan Closet, please contact Janet Lipkin  at 978-639-3223 or email [email protected] , to find out if we are able to accept your return before bringing it to the Senior Center.   We plan to begin loaning out equipment and accepting donations of equipment in the future, but for now, we are only restarting Medical Equipment returns. 
  • Transportation

Services Provided by Professionals

  • Legal Clinic – Free 20- minute phone consultation by appointment. Registration required.
  • SHINE / Medicare Help (Serving the Health Information Needs of Everyone on Medicare): Free consultation on Medicare Health Insurance by appointment.
  • Audiology –  A  Hearing Clinic is held on the 2nd Friday of the month. Free wax and hearing screening. Registration required.
  • Blood Pressure – Walk-in BP Clinic on Thursdays from 1-:30 – 11:30 AM. This service is provided by Katie our new Town of Sudbury,  Board of Health nurse..

Services Provided by Volunteers

All volunteer services require the completion of a Liability Waiver for Participants  Receiving Volunteer Services

  • In-home Fix-it – Small home repairs and maintenance.
  • Friendly Visitor –   weekly visit lasting 1-2 hours to a matched senior.
  • Phone Buddy –  weekly phone call lasting 15-30 mins
  • Sand Bucket –   bucket(s) of sand delivered to senior home
  • Grocery Shopper– weekly food shopping for a matched senior (senior does not accompany volunteer)
  • Goodnow-to-Go – delivery & pick-up of library materials to a matched Sudbury resident unable to get to the library.
  • Technology Help –  technical assistance with iPad, laptops, and cell phones. 
  • Tax Work-off Program (tax work off program, tax relief, & tax return assistance)


For information about any of these services, contact the Sudbury Senior Center at 978-443-3055 or [email protected] (unless otherwise indicated).