The Forgetting: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s

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Season 3 of “The Forgetting: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s” . The podcast is an intimate look at dementia, through the lived experiences of Greg O’Brien, a Massachusetts-based journalist and author who has early-onset Alzheimer’s.


“The Forgetting,” which is produced by Massachusetts public media outlets CAI and GBH, is a reminder that listeners are not alone as they suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. The podcast aims to offer support, understanding and strategies for people dealing with dementia and their caregivers. O’Brien hosts the twice-monthly show alongside well-respected Alzheimer’s expert David Shenk. The co-hosts are available for media interviews about Season 3 of the show.


Special guests in Season 3 will include Mandy Moore, the musician and actor who performs a character with dementia on the popular NBC TV show, “This is Us.” Mandy Moore says she used “The Forgetting” for background and inspiration as she developed and continues to depict her character on “This is Us,” which is in its final season. This podcast episode drops on 3/3.


Also appearing in Season 3 is Lauren Miller Rogen, an actor and screenwriter who, along with her husband the comedic actor Seth Rogen, are active in the Alzheimer’s community. In an episode dropping on 3/31, Rogen talks candidly about caring for her mother, who died in 2020 from early-onset Alzheimer’s.


Greg O’Brien first sat down in a studio in 2015 to talk about his early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Seven years later, Greg continues to discuss living with the disease and the many common symptoms of dementia including paranoia, hallucinations and vicious bouts of rage. He forgets more and more, such as where he is and why he is there. Yet, he continues to draw strength from his faith, his hope and his humor.