History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective

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Every Wednesday on Zoom from 9:30—11:30  AM

September 22  – December 15

No class Nov 24


 September 22

Lec. 1—Cities, Civilizations and Sources

Lec. 2—From Out of the Mesopotamian Mud

September  29

Lec. 3—Cultures of the Ancient Near East

Lec. 4—Ancient Egypt The Gift of the Nile


October 6

Lec. 5—Pharaohs, Tombs and Gods

Lec. 6—The Lost Civilization of the Indus Valley

October 13

Lec. 7 -The Vedic Age of Ancient India

Lec. 8—Mystery Cultures of Early Greece

October 20

Lec. 9—Homer and Indian Poetry

Lec 10—Athens and Experiments in Democracy