Feb 4 – New COVID 19 Vaccine info

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February 4, 2021

From the Sudbury Senior Center


Hello All,

I want to acknowledge and commiserate with many of you on all of the frustration you are feeling about getting an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination.  I realize that this has been an inherently challenging and isolating time (almost an entire year now) and you are whole-heartedly looking forward to getting your vaccine doses and to feeling safer.  The rollout for the 75+ community has been uneven and complicated.  Fortunately, the state is working on new vaccination sites and availability is increasing.

The Sudbury Senior Center continues to maintain communication with the Sudbury Board of Health Department, the Mass. Councils on Aging and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, regarding the administration of the COVID-19 vaccinations for adults 75 and older.

The Sudbury Board of Health is attempting to get vaccine for a local clinic in Sudbury, but has not as of today received word that they will receive vaccine.  If they do receive vaccine, it is expected to be only 100 doses per week, possibly only for a few weeks.  It is best for residents who are eligible to receive the vaccine, to schedule appointments through the state’s website, if they are able.

The Senior Center is aware that there are challenges to using the state’s website for vaccination scheduling, and has received the following information and guidance from Mass. Council on Aging and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs – see below.

In addition, we are monitoring local pharmacies and other entities who are possibly providing vaccinations.  CVS in Sudbury recently announced that they are partnering with state and local agencies to offer vaccinations in Sudbury.  Please find more information at: https://www.cvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine?WT.ac=cvs-storelocator-covid-vaccine-searchpilot

Please reach out to Ana Cristina Oliveira, Outreach Specialist, with questions or concerns at 978-639-3268, or [email protected].

COVID-19 Vaccination Update

The Executive Office of Elder Affairs would like you to know that that everyone who wants a vaccination will be able to get one.  Since this is a huge undertaking by the State, trying to mobilize various vaccination locations, as well as work with many partners, the availability of vaccination appointments will vary, with appointments filling up, and then new ones becoming available.  The State is working with larger pharmacies, grocery stores, and some physician practices, among many others, to offer vaccinations to adults 75 and older, as well as others who are in Phase 1.  The number of people who need vaccinations currently exceeds the availability of vaccination appointments, but as new partners receive the vaccine, more appointments will become available.  Over the next few weeks, the ability to find an appointment will greatly increase, and all who want one will get one.

Key Take-a-ways

  • There will be enough vaccine for everyone who would like to get a vaccination.
  • Vaccine delivery is not consistent and may interrupt registration for vaccinations.
  • The Sudbury Board of Health is trying to secure a delivery of vaccine for the near future, but has not been guaranteed any vaccine, and has been notified that it will be a small number of doses, such as 300-400 total.
  • The availability to get vaccine in local spots is increasing and should make it easier to get a local vaccination soon. In fact, CVS Sudbury has announced that they expect to receive some soon.  Other large medical practices have also announced that they will be receiving vaccine doses soon, such as Emerson Medical.
  • A call center is being developed for adults who cannot use the online method of registration.
  • Information and access is constantly changing.
  • You may need to try several times at different times of day, or different days of the week, before finding an available vaccination appointment.


The best way to access appointments is through the state website: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-vaccination-locations.

In addition, the State is working on opening a Call center for those unable to access appointments online.  The current bottleneck for finding appointments should gradually ease and appointments become available.

Those who are able to access the state website for appointment scheduling, will need to use the state map and find all of the various locations offering vaccinations.  Each location has its own registration process and if you are desperate to get an appointment soon, you may need to try several to find an appointment.  Generally, you will need to provide your personal information, name, address, phone numbers, and attest (demonstrate by signature) that you are 75 and older.  You will be asked to upload health insurance information, but if this is not possible, some sites will allow you to bypass this and bring the information with you to the appointment.

Please reach out to Ana Cristina Oliveira, Sudbury Senior Center Outreach Specialist, with questions or concerns at 978-639-3268, or [email protected].